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Christopher F Lanza P.A.
Personal Injury Attorney | Defense Lawyer

Christopher F Lanza P.A. Personal Injury Attorneys

Accidents are painful and traumatic, for the accident victim and their family.

Unfortunately, the aftermath can be just as bad. After any accident, you may face continuing pain, physical limitations, never ending medical bills, and lost income.

Offices of Christopher Lanza.If you’ve been injured, you should talk with an experienced attorney as soon as you are able.
Insurance companies may push for a early settlements. Insurance companies may claim that it’s to help you get compensation while you’re unable to work, or because they want to get your medical expenses paid. However, Insurance companies' aim is always to minimize the amount of money they pay, either to you or your healthcare providers.

Talking to an attorney doesn’t mean that you are heading to file suit. Whatever action you choose, getting the right information should be your first step.

When you consult with our firm, we will:

  • Answer your questions and concerns after hearing your story
  • Assess the case and explain what options may be available
  • Provide you with all the information you need to make decisions.

If you choose to retain our services, we will:

  • Be the contact point between you and the insurance company
  • Build the strongest case possible on your behalf after carrying out extensive investigations of event
  • Locate, interview, and prepare witnesses to speak on your behalf
  • Work with specialists and field experts to establish liability
  • Continue listening to you and answering any questions
  • Continue to protect your interests every step of the way

Attorney Fees Policy

You won't get hit with hidden fees or charges after you retain our services, all fees and costs associated with your case will be explained in full when you decide to retain us. We will also tell you when your fees will be contingent on us getting a positive result for you.